Teachings in Paris – Tulku Choekyi Nangpa

15 August 2019 – 18 August 2019 all-day
The Garden Atelier: 64 avenue d’Italie- 75013 PARIS
EUR 200

We are very happy to announce that Choekyi Nangpa Rinpoche and his interpreter Tenzin Demey, are soon coming to Paris. Rinpoche will arrive in Paris from Brazil on the 12th of August if it all works out to plan.

The Kalachakra initiation will be held on the 15th of August 2019 and our request for the teachings from 16th-18th of August 2019 has been accepted by Rinpoche on principle.


The teachings will be held at Patricia Maré’s atelier in Paris.


These are the themes we have asked teachings on :

D1: Kalachakra initiation

D2: The path of Kalachakra for the practice of Kalachakra

D3: Teachings on emptiness (what is emptiness, how to practice emptiness within the practice of Kalachakra and what are the stages, what is the difference between Rangtong and Shentong, a subject that many people have taken to heart.

D4: Teachings on emptiness followed with practice.

For organization purposes, we kingly request you to confirm by mail and if possible no later than 1st of August.


This will take place at the Garden Atelier: 64 avenue d’Italie- 75013 PARIS, métro Tolbiac (ligne 7) ou Place d’Italie (ligne 5,6 et 7).


Terms and Conditions : 

Payment and registration at 9am. Prices does not include meals, only refreshments (tea, coffee and so on) during the 4 days.

Full pass adults (initiation + 3 day teachings): Adults 200 euros. Students (with Student ID) 140 euros.

Initiation alone : children under 15 years free (small donation). Adults 65 euros, Students 45 euros.

2 days : Initiation and Teachings on Kalachakra:  Adults 130 euros. Students 80 euros. Children under 15 years 30 euros.

2 days : Teachings on Emptiness : Adults 130 euros, Students 80 euros.


The price for the Pass is 200€ , this is to cover the costs of Rinpoche and his assistant’s trip, the remaining will be offered to Rinpoche who will be staying until the 22 of August. You will be able to have an appointment with Rinpoche if you desire so.



It is possible that some changes will occur to the program, we will keep you informed.


We are so happy to have Rinpoche come back and to see you again!