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Authentieke wierook uit Tibet

Authentieke wierook uit Tibet

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Exclusive for Europe

Exclusief voor Europa

This 100% natural incense was made by a small family run business in Lhasa, Tibet.

Deze 100% natuurlijke wierook wordt gemaakt door een kleinschalig familiebedrijf in Lhasa, Tibet.

All ingredients are of the very best quality and in accordance with ancient recipes.

The production process of Horsar Tibetan Incense contains the essence of Tibetan culture. According to historical records, Tibetan incense is said to be created in the 7th century A.D. by Thunmi Sambhuta, Minister of Songzanganbu, king of Tubo. It has a history of nearly 1400 years. Horsar Tibetan Incense is based on the Millennium production technology. The essence of Tibetan fragrance incense developed in Lhasa, Tibet in 17th Century is refined. Horsar Tibetan Incense is not only the best incense for the three treasures of the guru, but also has the effects of accumulating virtue, avoiding evil spirits, descaling, sterilization and disinfection, cleaning the air, pleasing the body and mind, and preventing influenza diseases. It can purify the air, enhance the body's immunity, promote the harmony ability in the body, and has the health care functions of fragrant and pleasant, optimizing the environment, sterilizing and eliminating obstacles, relieving pressure and pleasing spirit.

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